First Adventure

Adventure to Banff

Starting an adventure in Banff with a sunrise at Vermillion is a MUST! Tanner, Kyle, Jordan and I got up early in hopes to catch light like this despite the ridiculous temperature of -25 degrees F. I have never been in temperatures like this in my life. Anyone that know me would be well aware that I am never prepared for ish like this! I was getting ready in the morning and was like why is everyone wearing base layers under there long johns and snow pants...? Me being incredibly naive that this weather is no frickin joke!! My mustache froze in the matter of seconds and my knee caps could have served as ice packs. I had this gnarly jacket that could keep a penguin warm in the antarctic so I survived but was so excited for a cup of hot coffee from Tim Hortons in town! This is my first blog so hopefully no one is a grammar nazi. Little words to be had on these so I hope you enjoy the collection of images!