// The Year of 2017 //



WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN! 2017 was a very full year and I am beyond excited to share with you a glimpse of it! I am making this blog to simply share my gratitude for all the opportunities that 2017 had for me and my lovely wife. I am so thrilled that Jesus has opened all these doors to do what I enjoy doing most...hanging out with you beautiful humans! 

I shot 33 Weddings from January through December and I am overly grateful that I had the opportunity to be apart of these very special days. I felt so blessed to work with the most wonderful clients! I also had the privilege to travel all over the globe! My first trip was to Banff, CA in January and my last trip of the year was to Prescott, Arizona for Christmas. In between, I visited Iceland, Thailand, Jordan, Canada, China, and several other beautiful destinations! I was also privileged to work with clients such as Jameson, Mazda, The Frye Company, Visit Jordan, Avis, Moment, Sichuan China Tourism, Travel Alberta, Ford Canada, Alaska Airlines, Fossil, Northern Brewer, Stutterheim, Anvil Hotel, Blue Sky Soda, Kia Motors, and more! I also had the honor of  shooting an album cover and marketing material for my friend NF which was a huge growing curve for me since it was my first time jumping into a roll like that! In that same genre, I joined Paul Brandt in his latest project - The Journey. I shot some content for him in Canada and in Nashville, including Upper Deck Trading Card that he will be releasing soon. In addition, I recently signed with a publishing house with the hopes of bringing to you all another project. All that info sadly is disclosed BUT I am beyond thrilled to share when it's time! Cheers to all the fun adventures, moments, dreams, and a lavish wonderful beautiful first year of marriage! My wife is a LEGEND! 

I really hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think! Love you guys! MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE PHOTO TO GET TO THE NEXT ONE! 








Luke and Audrey Wedding

Port Gamble, Washington


One of the prettiest days of the year. Was a blessing to be apart of this day. Luke and Audrey are an awesome couple and I am beyond excited for them and there future together! 

// Iceland //

Going to share with you some of my experiences in Iceland from this last trip in February with my wife Caryn and my dear friends Greg and Steph! Such an amazing trip and I am so excited to share with you these images!  


We explored lots of areas including the Northern parts of the Island. Went to the Snaeffelsness Penninsula, Akuyeri, Northern Fjord towns, Lake Myvatn and the Blue lagoon out there, also went to the best spots on the South Coast! Hope this can help with anyone that needs tips on where to go!  


While on the trip I got to partner with Moment Inc. who makes the best mobile photography lenses on the market. I got to review there new V2 wide lens and I lost my mind! Such a beautiful project! Below I will have a couple images from me using it!  


The video from Moment that I filmed. Thanks Camera Caleb for putting this together for me!  


All of the photos above where either shot on an iPhone or my Fujifilm x100t! All where edited on mobile through VSCO. Common preset was A6. 


Hope you guys have enjoyed these images!! Comment below and let me know what you think!  

A Day in the City with Rachel Noe

Here are some photos from todays shoot! Rachel is a good friend and I am fortunate to have the chance to take some photos with her! Today we went out to Pioneer Square in Seattle to enjoy the ridiculously cold weather and try not to get too wet. The rain and wind came but it did not stop us from getting some cool portraits! Hope y'all enjoy them! 

First Adventure

Adventure to Banff

Starting an adventure in Banff with a sunrise at Vermillion is a MUST! Tanner, Kyle, Jordan and I got up early in hopes to catch light like this despite the ridiculous temperature of -25 degrees F. I have never been in temperatures like this in my life. Anyone that know me would be well aware that I am never prepared for ish like this! I was getting ready in the morning and was like why is everyone wearing base layers under there long johns and snow pants...? Me being incredibly naive that this weather is no frickin joke!! My mustache froze in the matter of seconds and my knee caps could have served as ice packs. I had this gnarly jacket that could keep a penguin warm in the antarctic so I survived but was so excited for a cup of hot coffee from Tim Hortons in town! This is my first blog so hopefully no one is a grammar nazi. Little words to be had on these so I hope you enjoy the collection of images!